Enoral measurement of bone density with the new CaviTAU® device by trans-alveolar ultrasound (TAU)®

We therefore present you this pilot measurement with the CaviTAU® prototype because the measurement results are confirmed clinically: A 34-year-old female patient has been suffering from atypical facial pain for 2 years, starting from the upper left jawbone area in severely repeating pain attacks. After the first “NICO” surgery by removal of the fatty degenerative jawbone (FDOJ) at area 25/26, the neuralgic facial pain disappears completely. Here we compare in several pictures the difference in bone density by means of CaviTAU® imaging of successfully restored FDOJ / “NICO” (area 25 in Figure 1) with jawbone areas still loaded with FDOJ (area 15 in Figure 3) in the same patient.

CaviTAU® ultrasound imaging of an still existing FDOJ in area 15. The direction of the measurement path runs from occlusal to apical or from caudal to cranial:

The interpretation of CaviTAU® imaging in non-rehabilitated jawbone area 15;  the attenuation of the dental plastic bridge at 15 has not yet been fully investigated.

The CaviTAU® imaging at area 25 five months after successful rehabilitation of the trigeminal neuralgia; patient is now completely free of pain. X-ray is preoperative uptake. The direction of the measurement path runs from occlusal to apical or from caudal to cranial.

The interpretation of ultrasound imaging in the restored jawbone in area 25 (no FDOJ/“NICO”).

The significance and clinical need for a TAU analysis in cases of chronic atypical facial pain or trigeminal neuralgia and the inadequate presentation of fatty-degenerative osteolysis in the jawbone FDOJ / “NICO” by X-rays is documented in our own scientific publications:

Lechner J, von Baehr V. Peripheral Neuropathic Facial/Trigeminal Pain and RANTES/CCL5 in Jawbone Cavitation, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol. 2015, Article ID 582520, 9 pages, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/582520
Lechner, J. Validation of dental X-ray by cytokine RANTES – comparison of X-ray findings with cytokine overexpression in jawbone. Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry 2014:6 71–79
All publications by Hans Lechner and co-authors can be found on the Science Platform Researchgate


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