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CaviTAU® Starter KITs

Here you can find an overview of the different purchase and leasing options for CaviTAU® KITs 1).

CaviTAU® device

CaviTAU® handpiece
(inkl. handpiece holder)

CaviTAU® foot switch

All-in-one PC with screen configured for CaviTAU®
(at least 21.5-inch screen diagonal)
incl. valid manufacturer´s declaration of conformity

CaviTAU® software

CaviTAU® transport case

1x geld pad set for the first work with the CaviTAU® device
(5 transmitter – extraoral, 20 receiver – enoral)

Half-day training in the
CaviTAU® headquarter in Munich
(Introduction to device operation & evaluation of the data)

  • Service tickets per month4)
  • Free repairs5)
  • Free replacement device
  • Pick-up courier service
  • Additional gel cussions
  • Software update
  • Software UPGRADE
  • Information flyer for patients7)
  • CaviTAU®-logo for print and digital use
  • Roll-up-banner
  • Promotion display
  • Images + texts
  • Listed as CaviTAU® therapist
  • SEO optimized texts
  • Doctor´s waiting room poster (DINA1)
  • Postings for social media
  • Google AdWords campaign
  • Templates for printed ads
  • Patient explanatory video

Pro+ Premium

from € 36.289,-


10 tickets

48 h within Germany

40 pieces enoral/10 pieces extraoral

500 items

3 items

5 items

3 items

Pro+ Standard

from € 34.789,-


5 tickets

48 h within Germany

250 items

1 item

2 items

1 item


from € 32.987,-


NOTE: Please read the device manual very carefully. If the gel cussions are visibly damaged (enoral and extraoral), a new gel cussions must be used when testing the patient!


The revolutionary diagnostic tool for dentists is also available as an affordable leasing option.

  • Without deposit
  • 10% residual value
  • Leasing offer within 48 hours

Lease 54 month

Leasing from 661,72 € per month (plus 19% VAT per month) with a 54-month term depending on the starter KIT.

Lease 36 month

Leasing from 935,84 € per month (plus 19% VAT per month) with a 36-month term depending on the starter KIT.

1) In order to send you an offer, we only pass on the data required to check your creditworthiness to our contractual partner MMV Leasing GmbH.

2) All costs for the service contract must be paid after the first year and differ depending on the doctor’s office location / nationality (Germany; EU; International). More information can be found here.

3) Shipment of the rental CaviTAU device will take place as soon as possible, depending on the availability of a rental device.

4) Service ticket = 1 ticket = 1 hour service time

5) Consumables / materials that wear are assimilated free of charge in the repair

6) The components of the marketing kit are automatically delivered once a year.

7) The CaviTAU® patient information flyer can be reordered free of charge in the standard package up to 3 times a year and in the premium package up to 4 times a year.

The service contract term is a one-year minimum. The contract term is automatically extended by another year unless the contract is terminated three months before the end of the term. Different service contents apply for the STANDARD service contract from the third year on and for the PREMIUM service contract from the fourth year on according to the general terms and conditions of DDHT GmbH & Co. KG. You can access the terms and conditions at