Yes. However, we cannot guarantee the functionality of the software during your installation. We have to point out that the CaviTAU® software requires a lot of storage space and will likely slow down your PC very much. Therefore we recommend a proper installation by our technical support team We also encourage purchasing the Starter KIT PRO or PRO + which includes a powerful PC to avoid the challenges mentioned.
Yes, Windows 10 is necessary because the older Windows versions cannot run the CaviTAU® software correctly without errors.
No, your practice software does not have to be connected to the CaviTAU® device. You can easily transfer the patient’s OPG-JPEG file to the software. Load the patient file on a USB stick. Save the file from the USB stick to the CaviTAU®-PC and then drag the file into the software or show the patient the desired images on the PC screen.

If you reserve the CaviTAU® deviceyou have to make a down payment of € 7,500. Click here for the reservation form: cavitau.de/reservecavitau/  


We recommend you to buy the CaviTAU® device directly from our shop. shop.cavitau.de/ 


You can also lease the CaviTAU® deviceWe would be happy to send you a non-binding & individual leasing offerPlease order the item “REQUEST leasing offer” in the shop. 

We are very proud that our new CaviTAU® device is manufactured in Germany. Expect the highest level of processing precision and care in our manufacturing. We are not dependent on suppliers from Asia nor Asian supply chains.

After we have received your order, we will contact you within three working days. We will make an appointment for training & introduction for up to three participants. The training & introduction will take place in the CaviTAU® branch in Munich *. In order to work with the software and the device correctly, you need an introduction to the software AND the CaviTAU®–device. After the successful training, you will receive your personalized participation certificate and can take the CaviTAU® device with you to use it immediately.


*When introducing & training at the location of your choice, you bear the additional costs. Price on request – we will be happy to send you an offer.

We offer various starter kitsYou can find an overview of the Starter KITs  and other CaviTAU® items in our online shop: shop.cavitau.de