Components of the measuring station

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The CaviTAU® medical device is a system consisting of the following components.

  • Base unit incl. foot switch/mouse/keyboard with radio link
  • Handpiece incl. gel cushion
  • Screen/software incl. graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Packaging and identification including user documentation
CaviTAU® Basis- und Handgerät

The CaviTAU® measurement unit

The intraoral ultrasound measurement unit contains an ultrasonic transmitter and an ultrasonic receiver e.g., “measurement unit”. The transmitter and receiver are in a fixed geometric position with each other so that they clearly define their role. In CaviTAU®, the measurement unit should ideally be in a coplanar position. In order to provide a clearly defined, fixed geometric position, the two parts of the measurement unit are connected. At least one arm is rotatable so that the two parts of the measurement unit form a gripper. The use of rigid components makes the measurement unit extraordinarily stable and virtually eliminates the possibility of the receiver suffering a mechanical malfunction. The coplanarity of the transmitter and receiver is an essential attribute of CaviTAU®’s design. When both parts of the measurement unit are in the optimal position, the gripper is slightly compressed to ensure acoustic conductivity between the measurement unit and the jawbone.

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