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CAVITAU® – Imaging ultrasound measurement of bone density in the jaw

CaviTAU® relates to detecting and locating dental cavitations in jawbones using Through-Transmission Alveolar Ultrasonography (TAU). CaviTAU® generates an ultrasound pulse and passes the pulse through the jawbone. The pulse is detected and monitored subsequently by an ultrasound receiving unit. Attenuations of the amplitude of the pulse are indicative for pathological changes in the jawbone. The results are displayed on a color monitor, showing different colors according to different degrees of attenuation.

Safe and easy to handle

It is an object of the new CaviTAU® to provide an apparatus and a method which is safer and easier to handle than the known Cavitat Ultrasonograph, so that without the need of a thorough and intensive training reproducible results can be obtained even by less experienced users.

More precise and more infmative measurements

A further object of CaviTAU® is to enhance the sensitivity of the apparatus and of the method used, in order to get more precise and more informative measurements. Finally, an new object of CaviTAU® is the possibility of a fast and easy calibration. The foregoing objects have been achieved by a new construction of the measuring unit and by new ways to ensure good acoustical conductivity between the jawbone of the patient and the apparatus.

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